Bernard Tapie, 78, rarely talks about his “treatments” to fight the disease

On January 31, 2021, Bernard Tapie was the exceptional guest of “8:30 pm Sunday” on the France 2 channel. It was the opportunity for the businessman to talk about his cancer and to explain how he manages to continue the fight.

For several years, Bernard Tapie has courageously and vigorously faced a double cancer of the esophagus and stomach. Although his condition continues to weaken, he retains an iron will. He gave up the secret of his fight.

Portrait of Bernard Tapie.  |  Photo: Getty Images

Portrait of Bernard Tapie. | Photo: Getty Images


The former boss of OM was therefore the guest of Laurent Delahouse in the program “8:30 pm Sunday”. He began by taking stock of his health. He then reveals that he has been in the worst condition of his life for many years.

“I had lost 75% of my tumors”,

does he have declared.

Unfortunately, in just two months, they doubled with metastases. Despite everything, he does not let himself be defeated and wishes to convey messages of hope to all those who, like him, face this dreadful disease.


He is certainly in a very advanced state of his disease, but Bernard Tapie continues to keep hope. As a reminder, he had volunteered for treatment in Belgium. Unfortunately, the expected result was not there.

He always knew how to face this disease whatever the situation. A state of mind that commands the respect and admiration of more than one person. Everyone then wonders how he manages to remain so combative.


Asked by Laurent Delahousse on the way in which he fights his illness and the secret of his temerity, Bernard Tapie said in a categorical voice that everything rests onenergy. We must do the maximum so that its energy is stronger than the energy of the tumor, and it is only on this condition that a victory is possible.

How to have energy? Just by exercising, he said.


Bernard Tapie has been dealing with double cancer of the esophagus and stomach for several years. Although he underwent every possible treatment imaginable, the situation is not improving, quite the opposite.

During his appearance on the program “8:30 pm Sunday” on January 31, 2021, the 78-year-old businessman gave news far from reassuring. Zoom in on his words.


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