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In Berlin there is a specialty shop with an online shop for non-alcoholic beers, rum, gin, whiskey, vodka and wine. The makers do not see themselves as “brakes on fun”, but rather like the “mindful drinking” trend.

The “first alcohol-free Späti in Germany” (own name) opened in the capital. The colloquial «Späti» is a particularly Berlin word for kiosk, booth, late purchase. In the “Zero Percent Späti” in Kreuzberg, which is only open until 8 p.m., not least because of Corona, and in the online shop you can find beer, rum, aperitifs, gin, vodka, tequila or even Merlot and Chardonnay without any rotation.

Big brands offer non-alcoholic beverage alternatives

The alcohol-free trend, which the beer market has also shown for years, is spreading. The Martini brand is currently pushing alcohol-free aperitivo varieties. A non-alcoholic bar called “Zeroliq” opened in the Friedrichshain district in 2020. «We have more than 200 non-alcoholic beverage alternatives and help you to answer the question” What do I drink when I don’t drink? “», Say the Späti makers, who come from southern Germany. Katja Kauf (29) and Isabella Steiner (32) also attribute their idea to the rarely questioned drinking behavior, i.e. the mimosa in the morning, the Aperol in the sun or the beer after work.

It’s about a “yes to alcohol-free and not a no to alcohol”

There is a social climate in which it is difficult to refuse a glass “without being either persuaded, not taken seriously, condemned or labeled as a brake on fun,” they say. There are good reasons to forego alcohol in the glass. They are primarily concerned with new tasty botanicals and a “yes to alcohol-free and not a no to alcohol”, emphasizes Steiner, who comes from near Lörrach. The stereotype target group of pregnant women only makes up a small proportion of customers. Online orders have been coming from many parts of Germany, such as Hamburg, Munich, Freiburg and Stuttgart, for six months.

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Will “Mindful Drinking” be the trend in 2021?

Steiner and Kauf are also planning a book for the “Mindful Drinking” trend, the credo of mindfulness applied to drinking. Isabella Steiner recently told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”: “We believe that 2021 will be the year of non-alcoholic beverages. Here in Berlin, trends are often pre-cooked, in our case pre-drunk, and diversity is a big issue anyway – why not in our drinking habits too? ”

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| Updated: April 8, 2021

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