Berlin to Introduce Religion as a Regular Subject in Schools by 2025

It was one of the surprises of the new coalition of CDU and SPD: Religion should be in Berlin regular subject become, in one Compulsory electives from the 7th grade, in which life studies should also be offered as an alternative to religion. That’s what the coalition agreement says. So far, schools in Berlin have offered the subject voluntarily, without grades and often in the off-peak hours.

However, the introduction will be a long time coming. A “quick fix” is not to be expected, the Senate Department for Education announced on request. This rules out the coming school year, and the year 2024/25 is unlikely. A Beginning 2025 – School year starts September 6th – would take place just a few weeks before the next elections. The conversations are ongoingwhich is also confirmed by the religious communities.

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2023-06-07 04:22:43
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