Bergen Høgre’s U-turn on the Light Rail: A Trail of Lies

Bergen Høgre’s U-turn on the Light Rail: A Trail of Lies

She serves up lie after lie.

On Thursday, Christine Meyer and Bergen Høgre reversed the light rail issue. Now there will be a rematch for the route along Bryggen. Photo: Marita Aarekol (archive) Published: Published:

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First remove them mostly about urban railway construction from the party programme.

Then Bergen Høgre belied itself, when the final decision had been made.

Then Christine Meyer gave a sunny, and binding guarantee:

Her party was not going to contest. The light rail was to run along Bryggen.

On 5 September, Christine Meyer gave a very clear guarantee that Bybanen would run along Bryggen. Screenshot: NRK

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Started last week Meyer is negotiating with KrF and Venstre, and would like to invite other parties as well:

– But we are completely uncompromising on Bybanen. There will be no rematch, she said.

And then it was just a lie.

For today, A week later, Meyer signs on Facebook:

“We will now explore the possibilities for collaboration with the parties who want an investigation into a tunnel alternative for the light rail.”

As a little spice on top of the broken promise, she serves up even more lies:

– It is because the voters, the majority of the people of Bergen, have said that they want a rematch, she says to BT.

The majority has certainly not done that. Three quarters of the votes in the election went to the party that promised that the light rail decision should be left alone.

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One of these quarters voted Høgre.

Meyer does not want to be blamed for his turnaround. She puts it squarely on incumbent city council leader Rune Bakervik, from the Labor Party.

She says that it was he who drove her to this drastic step, by not leaving.

He forces Meyer and Høgre to turn around and go for a rematch for Bybanen.

City council leader Rune Bakervik (Ap) tried to remain in office by gathering as many parties as possible behind him. Photo: Bård Bøe

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And yes, Bakervik has not made the road to power easy for Christine Meyer.

But Christine Meyer and Bergen Høgre are responsible for turning the light rail issue around. They do this of their own free will.

Høgre wants power more than anything else. They became desperate, and saw a way to a majority.

Breach of promise is not illegal. The party is free to take this path. But they themselves must be ready for it, in front of the voters.

Having said that, The Labor Party has played its cards badly after election day.

They were tricked into being tricked by the Center Party, who have let Ap think they are willing to cooperate with the city council. And Ap was played on the sidelines by Bergenslisten, which contributed to Bakervik remaining in power in order to threaten Høgre.

Bergenslisten’s Trond Tystad was last Thursday in talks with Bakervik. Now he will probably get his way at Høgre. Photo: Bård Bøe

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Bergenslisten’s front man Trond Tystad should be satisfied today. City council leader Bakervik should be upset. This is embarrassing.

Trøysta for Bakervik must be that Høgre plays at least as badly.

They have allowed themselves to be manipulated into dropping their primary policy within a short week. They have shown almost zero stamina when it comes to putting hard against hard, and not giving in.

It bodes poorly for someone who sets himself the goal of becoming city council leader for a mildly motley assembly party.

Meyer will collect and rent several newly started parties, with very different agendas. She will ensure that a whole bunch of fresh politicians stay together for four years, and will maneuver them through a sudden series of issues that no one has yet thought would come.

All this at a time when the municipal economy is getting tighter and tighter, and there is therefore less money to hand out.

Bergen Høgre gathered on Monday evening to get information and give feedback to their party leaders. Photo: Ørjan Deisz (archive)

Meyer’s turnaround is coming after strong pressure from his own party.

Høgre has had several meetings this week, both with large parts of the organization and with the new city council group. There, Meyer has been given clear instructions to seek a wider majority than just Venstre and KrF.

After eight years in opposition, Bergen Høgre is almost desperate to get back into power. And many in the party want the urban rail rematch that Meyer now seems to be giving them.

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No start probes and negotiations between the tunnel mates. Meyer can hope that she will be successful, because today she poured petrol over, and set fire to all the other bridges she had in this city council.

The rest of the party in Bergen is furious. Several have already begun to dream of taking down Meyer at the first opportunity.

It will not be useful to come there for help, if one of the tunnel sections becomes a little difficult during the four-year period.

Maybe it’s no use creeping into the next four-year period, either.

It’s like that that happens when you lie.


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