Beppe Convertini ready to say goodbye, his words

A beloved Rai program is preparing for farewell, fans are in turmoil on the web: the couple running it has literally conquered the audience, that’s what will be broadcast in their place.

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The summer programming is coming to an end and almost all the national channels have returned to the canonical winter programming. So the Rai 1 audience is preparing to say goodbye to one of the most popular programs of these summer months.

The questions now are many: what will air in that time slot and where can we see the two presenters in the coming months?

Beppe Convertini, ready to say goodbye to There is time for

Beppe Convertini
Beppe Conrtin | Source Photo Instagram @beppeconvertini

It is appropriate to say: There is time for … say farewell to Beppe Convertini and Anna Falchi, a real revelation for the Italian summer that saw them engaged in a much loved talk followed by the Rai 1 audience.

On September 25, 2020 the program will close but in the meantime, Beppe Convertini announces the guests for today’s episode: Gina Lollobrigida, at the center of the controversy for her manager, Sandra Milo and Francesco Giorgino. The surprises do not end here, together with Bebbe and Anna Falchi there will also be Luisa Corna who will delight the audience of Rai 1 with his splendid voice.

Soon Green Line

Beppe Convertini, guest of One morning, he wanted to remind the public where he can continue to follow him in the winter season. Convertini will in fact return to the leadership of Green Line starting from Sunday 20 September at 12.20.

“We will also talk about environmental disasters”, Convertini tells us, announcing some news for the 2020-21 season. Regarding Anna Falchi, true revelation of the season, we do not yet know what its future location will be.

Instead of There is time for one of the most loved faces of Italian television, we are talking about, will return to Rai 1 Antonella Clerici that, exactly twenty years after the debut of The cook’s test, brings a new format: It is always noon.

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