Bepc exam fraud cases: Beware of amalgamations!

On Monday July 12, a special jury began processing the alleged cases of cheating or fraud, identified during the composition of the Bepc, session 2021, mid-June. We still have to wait to see the outcome of the many complaints after the announcement of the results on July 6. Until then, a question haunts the teachers. Is there fraud in a test when a supervisor uses all the stratagems to force kids to give him money in exchange for notes which he submits to them? Because the special jury was seized of such cases. Parents of students and institutions of origin of minor candidates wait for responsibilities to be located.

“When a supervisor offers to help the children, they must report this supervisor to the secretariat of the examination center where they compose. If they do not do so, we can consider that they were consenting to the fraud, ”explained Monday, without convincing, on condition of anonymity, a senior official of National Education, close to the Examinations Directorate and competition (Deco).

Children, therefore minors, consenting? What legal meaning should be given to the consent of a minor then?

Approached, teachers purely and simply cry “scandal”. “Inadmissible”, for them, that kids are accused of being consenting if they have not denounced the indelicate behavior of a teacher. According to them, making such a reproach to children is as if one reproached a “raped girl” for not having denounced “her rapist” in time. An “enormity” in their eyes.

“Watch out for amalgams,” insists Kouadio Simplice, director of the EPP LABAT A examination center in Williamsville. In her center, a supervising teacher in room 12 had, on the spelling test on June 15, slipped notes to a few kids in exchange, it seems, for 1000 F. A funny and unworthy scene. a teacher ? And yet, it’s the kids who pay the price. At least for the moment.

The whole room 12, that is to say about thirty candidates, was failed in the correction, for “fraud” in the spelling test. At a time when the ode against cheating is in full swing, it is to be hoped that fashion does not kill all the codes of children’s rights.

Otherwise, children with a brilliant school career and without suspicion of cheating, with a good driving average, could then experience real psychodramas.



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