“Benzema was a victim of Cristiano Ronaldo”

For several years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema have been linked with Real Madrid. The Frenchman has been in the shadow of the Portuguese a lot, leading some even to say that he sacrificed himself for the success of CR7, and this is the case of Sky Sports correspondent Tom Allnutt.

“When Ronaldo was at Real Madrid, Benzema was really the support man and in a way he embraced this role of fall guy,” Tom Allnutt said before explaining: “When he got to the Real Madrid for the first time, he was really a goalscorer, a No.10 midfielder, and he has to adjust his game according to Ronaldo. A lot of times when you watch Real Madrid, that’s him. Running the tracks along the canals, on the sides and making room for Ronaldo in the middle, it would be him who would give him the pass, he would do the pressing when Ronaldo was perhaps walking.

And to continue: “I think it’s also true that for most of Benzema’s career he has been very much in the shadow of Ronaldo and not only in terms of performance but also in terms of numbers and he definitely sacrificed a lot. In short, he was a victim of Ronaldo’s brilliance, as many other attackers have been over the past ten years.

A tribute therefore paid to Benzema by Tom Allnutt: “One of the things with Benzema that people outside Spain may not realize is that he is a very talented footballer in his multiple game. He’s a very good finisher, but he also defends, he runs, he presses, he can play very well at the break, he often plays the final pass in Real Madrid’s counter-attacks, and technically he’s very strong ” .

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