Benny K Harman Opens Up About Allegations of Persecution of Restaurant Employees


Member of Commission III DPR Democratic Party Faction Benny K Harman is being discussed because of reports of a fuss with restaurant employees in Labuan Bajo, NTT, which led to allegations of violence. Benny Harman open voice.

Benny Harman is said to have been involved in a commotion with an employee of the Mai Ceng’go restaurant, Labuan Bajo, NTT, last Tuesday (24/5). Along with the news that spread, CCTV footage also circulated showing the suspected figure Benny Harman violence against restaurant employees. Benny Harman revealed the beginning of this incident.

Based on a written statement received from the Chairman of Bappilu Democrat Andi Arief, Thursday (26/5/2022), Benny said that initially he and his wife, children and nephew were at Mai Ceng’go Restaurant on Tuesday (24/5) afternoon. After entering the restaurant, Benny immediately looked for a table and admitted that he did not find a notification about a reservation or the like on the table. Benny claimed to immediately order food and was asked to wait by local employees.

“About 15 minutes later, without further ado, we were told to leave the room immediately because the room was occupied or had a reservation. We were asked to leave. I asked why we were told to leave, are we not allowed to eat in the air-conditioned room? I wear shorts and a T-shirt, I’m shabby because I just came from garden work,” said Benny.

Benny feel that they are not being treated fairly by the restaurant staff. Benny said he did not get an explanation as to why he and his family were asked to leave. He also wanted to meet with the restaurant management.

“Because we feel that we have been treated unfairly, we intend to meet with the restaurant manager or restaurant owner, what really happened. We tell the serving employee to let the manager or owner know that we want to meet so there is no misunderstanding,” he said.

However, Benny admitted that the management had never met him. Benny then went to front desk to ask for an explanation.

“Of front desk At that time, we received information that the guest had just made a reservation by telephone after our family came to the place. So we feel more and more that we are being treated arbitrarily,” he said.

“When we met in the room, we expressed our disappointment over the very inhumane treatment of ourselves. We conveyed that we had been treated in a barbaric or uncivilized way for ourselves. This is a super premium tourism destination. If only we were treated like this, especially the little people. We ask for an explanation of what really happened and why we were expelled from the room,” said Benny.

After waiting for some time, the Vice-President of the Democratic Party was notified that the management was not at the location. Benny asked the employee at the location about the reason he was kicked out of the restaurant.

“We asked if we could meet with the manager. From the mother who was sitting, we were told that the manager was still in Denpasar/Bali. I asked the employee, who told you to take us out of the room and for what reason, the person concerned did not answer, ” he said.

Benny admitted that he only reminded restaurant employees to be polite, see more on the following page

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