Benefits of eating strawberries on the health of your body

Strawberries contain a high percentage of vitamins and nutrients that work to promote the health of the body and protect it from diseases and viruses, as it contains vitamin C, calcium and some other elements, according to what the site stated tasteofhome There are many benefits of eating strawberries, including:

Benefits of eating strawberries

1: Avoid the common cold

Strawberries are full of vitamins, as they contain vitamin C, which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system, which helps your body avoid diseases and recover more quickly.

2: Prevention of heart problems

Studies have shown that regular intake of the anthocyanins in strawberries can reduce the risk of heart attacks. In addition, strawberries may help prevent platelet aggregation and even reduce blood pressure..

3: Support a healthy pregnancy

One of the most recommended supplements for pregnant women is folate, or folic acid, which plays an essential role in a child’s development, and strawberries are a great natural source of this nutrient – one cup of fresh berries contains about 40 micrograms of folate.

4: Reducing inflammation

Inflammation can cause a number of problems in the body. Even chronic inflammation has been linked to serious conditions such as stroke, heart attacks and cancer. Strawberries contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help boost overall health..

5: Improves digestion

You may know that fiber is an essential nutrient for your digestive system, and high-fiber strawberries are a great way to get a little extra in your diet, and they are also high in water, so they keep things moving and help prevent constipation..

6: Managing high blood pressure

Strawberries are high in potassium, which helps them counteract the effects of sodium in the body. (These delicious foods can help lower your blood pressure as well.) Even if you don’t have high blood pressure, you will likely benefit from more potassium.

7: Regulating blood sugar

Strawberries have a lower glycemic index than other fruits, which makes them beneficial when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels.Studies have shown that eating strawberries daily can reduce diabetes-related complications.


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