Benefits and How to Use the Right Essential Oil

Not necessarily suitable for everyone

Although they are beneficial for health, that does not mean that essential oils can be used for treatment. The liquid derived from this plant extract is also not suitable for everyone.

Moreover, for pregnant women, babies and elderly people. “In infants, amil mothers and parents over 50 years, there is a dose that must be adjusted,” he said.

Essential oils are recommended for use in infants aged 3-6 months and over. Instead, check for sensitivity and allergic reactions by putting a little essential oil on the back of the arm.

If you don’t experience redness or infection after one day, you can wear them. But if you experience inflammation, wash your hands first using soap.

“The next day, look again, is it still red. If so, consult a doctor for a cream to treat sensitivity or use a moisturizer. When you recover, try again using a lower dose and mix it with more carrier oil,” he explained.

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