Beneficial for Body Health in the Midst of a Pandemic, This Herbal Latte Can Be Enjoyed by Anyone

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – For Indonesians, it may be familiar with Jamu Kunyit Asem, Rice Kencur and various other types of Jamu. Especially during this pandemic, the demand for herbal medicine is increasing because it is believed to be effective as an immune booster and an antidote to viruses.

Currently, various Jamu flavor innovations are being carried out by large Jamu producers, including small home-based Jamu makers.

In Bandung, now there is a modern herbal medicine in packaging.

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Since the pandemic and lock down, my wife and I have started the Jamu business with the Jamu99 brand and it has been running for 6 months, he said.

Initially, Jamu99 only produced one type of Jamu Kunyit Asem. In line with customer demand, finally started to produce other types of herbal medicine such as rice kencur and Wedang Jahe Gula Aren in packaged bottles (250 ml).

Jamu99 modern herbal preparations (Doc Jamu99)

Seeing the huge market interest and opportunity, Jamu99 feels challenged to innovate, one of which is by launching the Jamu Latte variant.

This bottled Jamu Latte may be the first time in Bandung.

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The reason is, this type of herbal medicine is still rare in the market, especially in bottled form.

Even though the composition is made of spices, the Jamu latte tastes softer and doesn’t taste like herbs, because there is vegetable cream, so it tastes more like milk.

Kunyit (dr ax)

Currently, Jamu99 has five (5) flavor variants: Turmeric Asem, Rice Kencur, Sugar Ginger, Palm Sugar Ginger Cinnamon and Jamu Latte.


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