Belözoğlu made football players believe in the championship in Fenerbahçe


Sports Arena / Süleyman ARAT – After the opponents of the summit race finished the week with a defeat, the importance of the Denizli match became even more important. football A Team Director Emre Belözoğlu He came to life in his first game with. The appointment of Belözoğlu to the head of the team in a difficult period of heavy match traffic increased the morale of the players and motivated the players who saw him as an idol. The fledgling technical man is far from adventure, with smart touches, he gathered the team around the championship dream and earned 3 points.

Thanks to the team for the ambition to win

Emre Belözoğlu, who succeeded in overthrowing Denizlispor not with a brand new understanding of the game or surprising football player choices, but with the fighting spirit that he tried to instill into the team for the last week, made the team believe in the championship in a short time. Emre Belözoğlu thanked the whole team in the locker room for his desire and ambition to win, stating that the picture of joy and the photograph of the engagement that occurred after Samatta’s goal is an indication of this.


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The full team was able to train for 4 days

It was stated that the young technical man tried to shorten the distance between the defense and the offensive line during the weekly training, and tried to instill a more contact and combat-oriented football to the players. Since the majority of the players are in the national teams, Belözoğlu, who played the first and the hardest match in the league after 4 days of training, could not give the team a condition or a brand new game understanding in such a short time, and gave importance to self-confidence, ambition, belief and motivation.

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The team that the match wants to match will take shape

One that presses before Fenerbahce Emre Belözoğlu, who expressed his desire to create a lot at every opportunity, stated that this will only occur with too much practice, but that they could not find time for this in this busy match traffic, and that this game fiction
He stated that it will take shape. While the importance of winning in such critical bends was emphasized in the dressing room speeches, the football played may not be liked, but it was very important to win while playing badly ”.


news-img-link” data-origin-url=”″>A touch of glory brought to life by Emre Belözoğlu What did he say in the locker room and Samatta ...
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Samatta move gave a positive result

Emre Belözoğlu, who made an effort to win Samatta throughout the week, extended the jersey to the Tanzanian striker without hesitation, came in the 64th minute of the match. It was learned that Samatta, who broke the resistance of Denizlispor and started to dream of championship with all Fenerbahce members with the exquisite head shot that destroyed the dreams of green blacks with 3 points, has also come to a place of morale and self-confidence.


A touch of glory brought to life by Emre Belözoğlu What did he say in the locker room and Samatta ...

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