Beloved Bieniuk was asked about Anna Przybylska. “It’s hard sometimes”

After the death of his beloved wife, Anna Przybylska Jaroslaw Bieniuk he could not get his life back together for a long time. He was in several relationships, but each of them ended quickly and gave the player no hope for the future. Changes in his life took place only when the model Zuzanna Pości appeared at his side.

The fact that the relationship with a woman is something more is evidenced, for example, by the fact that the man decided to introduce her to his children. The couple not only adds joint photos together on social media, but also lives together.

The woman’s fans were curious about her relationship with her partner. They were intrigued by whether the model often argues with Bieniuk and how she copes with him in difficult times. It turns out that the couple do not like to live in a quiet atmosphere and try to solve any problem right away.

There was also a question about Przybylska herself and her influence on the relationship between the model and the athlete. Zuzanna Patury admitted that Ania is still remembered – both by her and her family – but everyone is trying to live on, focusing on the here and now.

The woman also mentioned how she is doing as a stepmother. It turns out that this is not a problem for her.

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