Bell’s Palsy Appears as a Common Symptom of COVID-19


JAKARTABell’s palsy is paralysis of the facial nerve. In this condition, the muscles in the face experience temporary weakness or paralysis. This condition usually occurs when the nerves that control the facial muscles are inflamed, swollen, or compressed. This can cause the face to droop or become stiff.

According to recent reports, cases of facial nerve palsy are becoming increasingly common among COVID-19 patients. Patients who do not even have a diagnosis of COVID-19 report the problem and point out that asymptomatic COVID-19 patients can also suffer from this complication.

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A study conducted by researchers in Liverpool states that the new corona virus is responsible for the increasing number of facial paralysis. The study also says that doctors should be aware this may be an early symptom of the disease.

The researchers concluded this by conducting research. Where did they find that incident bell’s palsy 2020 is 3.5% higher than last year’s figure, which is a statistically significant difference. Two of the 17 patients also tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Page Times Now News reported, in another study in Japan, it was found that facial paralysis and smell disorders are symptoms of COVID-19. The study reported a case of COVID-19 in a Japanese woman, who showed facial nerve paralysis.

In accordance with research published in BMJ, a case of term pregnancy was diagnosed with COVID-19, after the woman reported isolated peripheral facial paralysis. The woman was admitted to the hospital after experiencing contractions.

However, doctors noted that the woman’s left periphery was experiencing facial nerve paralysis. Since he had no clear cause for this, the doctors were confused. However, when tested for the new corona virus, the woman was diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Acute facial nerve disease that causes peripheral facial paralysis is commonly associated with viral infections. COVID-19 can be a potential cause of peripheral facial paralysis and neurological symptoms can be the first and only manifestation of the disease.

The novel coronavirus has been shown to cause neurological symptoms, and bell’s palsy one of the indicators. Given how severe the COVID-19 infection is, it is recommended that the public continue to follow all precautions.



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