Belgium: 100 arrests after 19-year-old dies – international news

The death of a 19-year-old from a police chase has sparked unrest in Belgium despite Corona exit restrictions. The police arrested around 100 people over the weekend in the incident in the municipality of Anderlecht in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Brussels – A 19-year-old escaped a police patrol with a scooter on Friday night and crashed into a police car after a chase. He died.

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Photo: Olivier Gouallec / dpa

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Traces of devastation in Anderlecht, BelgiumPhoto: Olivier Gouallec / dpa

In spite of the ban on assembly, people angry in several places in Anderlecht came together. The situation escalated when the police tried to break up the clusters. reports the Belgian news agency Belga. The officials were partially thrown at stones.

The RTBF broadcaster wrote of “extreme tensions”. Videos show how a man shoots into the air with a gun that he may have stolen from a police officer.

According to the police, the situation was back under control on Saturday evening.

On the night of Sunday, however, there were further accumulations, cars were set on fire. According to the police, 65 people were arrested by Sunday morning. Around 30 were added on Sunday. There was no more serious violence, but the police had already intervened in small crowds, Belga reported.



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