World Belgian customs officer suspended following anti-Muslim, homophobic and conspiracy...

Belgian customs officer suspended following anti-Muslim, homophobic and conspiracy videos


This is RTBF information: a Belgian customs officer was suspended late last week by the Public Finance Service for having broadcast anti-Muslim, homophobic and conspiratorial videos. This customs official, who has been in office for a week, has a YouTube channel on which he shares an impressive amount of content, including sermons and exegeses from the Bible. Man lands in “independent Christian preacher“, appearing to be fluent in several languages ​​including Arabic, English, Russian … He has a few thousand subscribers.

A call to conversion

Above all, it was one of his videos that led his superiors in the federal public service to open an internal file. In September 2016, this preacher sent a message to Muslims, from France, Belgium and Molenbeek. We are after the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Staring at the camera, the man who is not yet an agent of the state is asking Muslims to deny their religion and embrace Christianity. He introduced this sequence of more than 14 minutes by calling Molenbeek “Islamist stronghold like the Vatican is a Catholic stronghold in Italy“.”As a true Christian freed from the yoke of Catholic obscurantism, my duty is to preach to you the true religion, that of God, of the true God of the Bible and of the Gospel of Christ Jesus“.

For him, Islam cannot be “true religion“. In his comparative presentation, he presents Islam as a”false religion“.”It is clear that the apostle Paul warned us 700 years in advance of the advent of false prophets. The Qur’an teaches another gospel, a false gospel. Which proves that this is a fake. Consequently, the Bible commands us to curse Mohamed (Muhammad), the false prophet. May he be cursed!“he shouts, his eyes fixed on the objective.

Mohamed was not a prophet of God but of Satan

The video continues. “The Koran is a forgery.“”Islam promotes and excuses the pedophile.“”Mohamed himself was a pedophile.“”It’s absolutely disgusting and disgusting, a prophet of God cannot be a pedophile.“The interpretation of biblical and Koranic texts leads the customs officer to affirm that a person”can only become deviant sex by rejecting God […] to the point that God no longer has hope for them and gives them the status of a reprobate. […] This proves in passing that there is no pedophile or homosexual in paradise. This also proves that Mohamet was not a prophet of God but of Satan.

It’s a bit like“, continues the preacher,”Marc Dutroux had a revelation in his prison like Mohamed in his cave, that he was the prophet of God and that pigeons began to believe him and attack Arlon to seize Mecca there. If Dutroux wrote a mystical book today, everyone would agree that he is a pedophile pervert and that anyone who follows him would be a member of an evil sect […] Today, more than a billion people believe Mohamed’s perverse fabrications.” For him, “the one who calls himself Allah in the Qur’an is in fact the Satan of the Bible. Satan wants to exalt himself and be like God and Islam is one of his lies“.

Homosexuality is a perversion

After ten minutes, the moment of choice for Muslims comes. “One, you plug your ears […] and obey your Quran which commands you […] to kill me with a horrible slaughter for annoying Mohamed. May he be cursed! You can try but I warn you that you will fail because I serve a powerful God, the true God of the Bible who protects me to preach the truth in a world where lies are legion“, youtubeur gets carried away. The second option is conversion and the profession of faith.

But, adds the customs officer, Muslims must not join the Catholic or Protestant churches which promote homosexuality. “An insult to what the Bible teaches.“In a previous clip dating back to 2015, he also describes homosexuality as”abomination“, developing this point through an analysis of evangelical texts lasting more than an hour and a half.”Homosexuality is a perversion. It’s not an insult, it’s a scientific fact“, he explains.

Pro-Russian and pro-Bashar

In other pro-Russian and pro-Putin clips, he points to the crimes of Georgia (West ally) in South Ossetia, in the context of the Crimea conflict. In a 2015 video, posted in the European quarter of Brussels, he holds a megaphone and apostrophe Prime Minister Charles Michel who would support Turkish President Erdogan against the Syrian regime of President Al Assad. “I’m Christian, I’m Belgian, I’m for Bashar (Al Assad, editor’s note), I am for Syria“, he concludes in this video.

Finally, the Youtube account shares conspiratorial videos questioning the official version of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Facts contrary to the dignity and neutrality expected

Too much for the FPS Finance which, faced with this profile, has taken a stand. The sanction fell these days. “The person concerned is a new agent of the FPS Finance, who entered service in early January“, officially and briefly comments the spokesperson of the ministry near the RTBF.”In view of the new facts of which the FPS Finance has become aware, relating to the past of the person concerned, facts which are contrary to the dignity and the neutrality expected of a federal official, the FPS Finance has decided to suspend the agent until again. Possible disciplinary consequences are under consideration.

For obvious security reasons, there was an emergency, internal sources say. Man can be in touch with colleagues and travelers of Muslim or homosexual faith at any time. However, a few clicks on the Internet were enough to come across his videos, some of which have been online for several years. But why could an individual who does not offer all the guarantees in terms of neutrality, make hostile speeches and who passed his recruitment exam in 2016 still be hired recently among Belgian customs? No official response. The officer was on a training period for one year, with the authorization to carry a weapon in service.

A message of hostility, UNIA analysis

When asked, UNIA, the center for the fight against racism, saw the video sent to Muslims by the customs officer. What analysis does Patrick Charlier, its director, make of it? “It is clearly a hate speech, in terms, looks, in tone“, he explains.

It is a message of hostility towards Muslims. That said, most of the video is about the Qur’an and Islam, a religion that can be criticized, caricatured, mocked. This simple element can hardly be considered an offense. But other elements can lead to a judicial reaction.“First, the attack on Molenbeek,”Islamist stronghold“.”Here, he attacks Muslims as people, all in an atmosphere of hatred. Then, if we go back to his reasoning which indicates that only he knows the true religion, why is it not addressed to the faithful of other religions outside of Islam and to non-believers? Why is the whole video aimed only at Muslims?

The speech, according to UNIA, is provocative “when he compares Mahomet to Satan, Mahomet to Dutroux. When we see this, we can only think that this person seeks to provoke the reaction of Muslims. And so there is an incitement to hatred, provocation, call to attack it.“Is it defensible before a judge?”There is no case law on incitement to hatred by the target group. So let’s be careful.


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