Belen Rodriguez together with Karina Cascella’s ex, “They found each other”


Written by Marianna Amato, on July 9, 2020, in Gossip

Belen Rodriguez and Salvatore Angelucci on vacation together, Karina Cascella: “They met again”

Belen Rodriguez last weekend he amazed all his followers showing himself in videos and photos together with theex of Karina Cascella, Salvatore Angelucci and his partner Alessandra Gallocchio, with them also Jeremias Rodriguez and Mattia Ferrari. Salvatore is a former historian of the Neapolitan columnist, as well as father of their only daughter Ginevra. just Karina Cascella in the last few hours she has had to deal with some uncomfortable questions that her numerous followers have asked her, one of these concerns the friendship between Salvatore and Belen. The beautiful Neapolitan has said that she received quite a lot of similar questions and that once and for all she would have answered:

“They found each other but I’m not one to ask how and why”

Karina Cascella on the friendship between Belen Rodriguez and Salvatore Angelucci: “Interested in knowing”

Karina Cascella (which recently has been attacked by Serea Enardu) in the past few hours has spoken about the friendship between the father of his daughter, Salvatore Angelucci and Belen Rodriguez. The two spent days together with other friends relaxing in a very welcoming villa. Numerous people wondered how a friendship between the two was possible and the question was posed to Karina who on the matter stated: “I decide to answer this question only because you are asking me many, because you are interested in knowing how, where and why” also quite annoyed.

Belen with Karina Cascella’s ex? She: “It happens to hang out and lose sight”

Salvatore Angelucci and Belen Rodriguez together on vacation, Karina Cascella, which explained why she never went to Live again, through Instagram Stories, expressed herself on the issue: “They have known each other for many years and not for a month, as can often happen in the life of all of us”Explaining that, therefore, theirs is not an occasional friendship or a casual meeting. L’columnist for Barbara d’Urso he wanted to emphasize that there is nothing malicious or strange in all this. “Sometimes it happens to hang out a bit and then lose sight of it” he concluded Karina his instagram

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