Belen Rodriguez does not forgive | Stefano De Martino betrayed her?

Belen Rodriguez –

Belen Rodriguez does not forgive and throws yet another dig at Stefano De Martino, suggesting that the famous dancer may have betrayed her.

The showgirl despite continuing to maintain a great silence on social media now seems to have archived her relationship with the dancer as well as conductor Stefano De Martino. Belen after the statements of Maria De Filippi on his love story, he seems to have wanted to respond in a veiled way during a song.

The love story between Belen e Stefano has made many fans dream who, after the first breakup, have hoped for several years to see them again together. In recent months, however, something seems to have brought them to a break this time definitive, so much so that Belen continues to throw some digs at Stefano that the fans themselves now catch more and more often. What are we talking about?

Belen Rodriguez does not forgive

Despite the fact that several weeks have passed since the beginning of the deep crisis between Stefano and Belen, neither of them has yet to really explain what happened. The showgirl during the past few days, however, has again wanted to make it clear that she cannot personalize the mistakes that Stefano would have committed against him.

Belen Rodriguez does not forgive
Belen Rodriguez –

Talking about their relationship in addition to the many gossip was the same Maria De Filippi who claimed to be convinced in a flashback between the two. According to the presenter, in fact, whatever Stefano could have done towards Belen, the dancer always manages to be forgiven for everything thanks to his strong ways of doing.

Just about the words of Maria De Filippi, Belen Rodriguez launches a new dig at the dancer and reconfirms his non-existent desire to forgive. What are we talking about?

Did Stefano De Martino betray Belen?

During the past few days after the positive affirmations of De Filippi, Belen showed herself together with some friends at home, ready for a lively and fun karaoke. Rodriguez under the notes of “A story in your fingers”By Gianluca Grignani dwells on a particular sentence, modifying it to his liking.

During the sentence “A man must also be forgiven”Belen stops singing and affirms a clear e strong “No!”. This would leave fans on social media thinking that Stefano De Martino may have betrayed the showgirl. For now, however, they are all suppositions created by social networks waiting for one of the two to tell the truth on his Instagram profile.

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