Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino (according to Maria De Filippi)

He knows them both, has always been there from the beginning. «Keeper» of the love story between Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino can be considered Maria De Filippi. The two fell in love behind the scenes with Friends 11, it was 2012 and at the time the dancer was still engaged to Emma Marrone. We know how it ended up: the Argentine showgirlrl and De Martino became parents of Santiago in April 2013, to get married in September of the same year. They announced their separation in December 2015, only to meet again in spring 2019.

But it only lasted a year, today the two they are far away again, protagonists of a summer that always sees them in different seas.

«I called Stefano in the dressing room and I asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ And he confessed. De Martino and Belen had fallen in love with Asmall, but he didn’t want to tell Emma, ​​with whom he was engaged. They argued, he accused her of things she hadn’t done. I didn’t really know how to get out of it, because all three were part of the program. And so I told Emma, I was very honest and clear with her », De Filippi a People, going back to the beginnings.

Eight years later, between the conductor and the dancer, who has now also become a conductor, an excellent relationship has remained, so much so that Stefano always finds in her a guide and confidant. “His normalcy is to make trouble, if he doesn’t mess it up it’s not him. And I know perfectly well that every time he comes to see me he is going to make new ones. We were still in lockdown », he added,« he had to go from Milan to Naples to start his broadcast on Rai and he stopped to greet me in Rome. I thought: ouch here we go again. We chatted, he talked to me about work, he left. And soon after, chaos broke out with Bélen ». The 58-year-old is also very fond of Belén, who has been among the faces of hers for years You are worth it: “It has a special quality: always knows how to get excited, she remained a little child in her heart ».

How will it end? For Maria, who is ready to celebrate 25 years of marriage with Maurizio Costanzo, never say never when it comes to De Martino: «Because Stefano makes a disaster and then arrives with that face there. With that smile there, with that speech and you forgive him». We’ll see.


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