Belarusian police detained more than 200 protesters

The human rights organization Vyasna-96 said 205 people had been detained so far. The Interior Ministry later confirmed that it had detained some people. According to her, these were people who “disturbed public order and opposed members of the police.” However, the number of detainees was not specified by the ministry.

This time, protesters instructed protesters to gather in groups in various parts of Minsk before joining a larger crowd, making it difficult for police to intervene.

Today’s event in Minsk was held under the slogan March Against Fascism. The organizers thus reacted to Lukashenko’s accusations that they were fascists.

The dramatic situation arose in the Frunzen district of Minsk. In addition to the local grocery store, about 1,000 people gathered. When members of the force arrived at the scene, many protesters dispersed, leaving only about 70. Police gave the remaining people one minute to disperse, and one of the men present asked, “Can’t we even go to the store?” For that, the police grabbed him and dragged him to the van, “ writes, referring to an eyewitness from the scene.

On the contrary, in the Southwest Quarter, police did not manage to disperse the assembled people. The protesters raised their hands above their heads and shouted at the line of police officers standing next to them: “He (Lukashenko) will leave you in the lurch!”

The Belarusian server informs that a column of special equipment entered the streets of Minsk in the morning. According to witnesses referred to by Interfax, it was military equipment.

Massive demonstrations took place on the fifteenth Sunday in a row. On the previous two Sundays, the police always detained 1,000 people. According to the DPA, demonstrations took place in other Belarusian cities today. Demonstrations picked up again after the death of 31-year-old protester Roman Bondarenko, who died in hospital this month after he was brutally beaten by security forces, according to protesters.

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