Belarusian comedian announced that he was wanted by the KGB and moved to Kiev


Slava Komissarenko

A popular stand-up comedian said that he was wanted by the KGB of Belarus for making jokes about Lukashenka and his regime.

Famous Belarusian comedian Slava Komissarenko told why he moved to Kiev. The humorist shared his story during one of his performances on the Kiev stage and published a recording called The KGB is looking for me on his personal YouTube channel.

“In ordinary countries, special services catch terrorists, but in Belarus they catch pranksters. Because there should be one prankster in Belarus,” Komissarenko said.

According to him, a person connected with the Belarusian protests wrote to him, who said that they planned to kidnap the comedian in Moscow and bring him to Minsk by car.

“He sent me a message:” Hello, Slava. Unfortunately, there is information from reliable sources that they are going to kidnap you in Moscow and take you by car to Belarus. Be careful,” Komissarenko said.

He also noted that the reason was political views and jokes directed against the regime of the illegally elected President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Meanwhile, it is known that earlier Komissarenko bought an apartment in Moscow for his parents. Thus, he wanted to protect the family from persecution at home.

The comedian believed that he himself would also be safe in Russia. But after he was declared wanted by the Belarusian KGB (before the New Year), he went to Kiev.

In particular, in the caption to the video fragment in Instagram Komissarenko added that it was not in vain that he went on tour to Ukraine, since the KGB officers are already looking for him in Russia.

“They called, wrote sms, however, go to my Instagram to see ten posters from Kiev and understand that I’m not in Moscow, they didn’t guess,” Komissarenko wrote.

Recall that earlier to the Belarusian comedian Idrak Mirzalizade after a joke about how in Russia they treat representatives of national minorities, they were banned from living in the Russian Federation

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