Belarus warns Ukraine about border violations

Belarusian border guards will take strict measures in case of further violations at the state border from Ukraine. This was warned on Sunday by Sergei Pavlov, a spokesman for the border unit in Mozyr, quoted by TASS.

“In case of further violations of the state border by Ukraine, the Belarusian border guards will act very strictly,” he said in an interview with Mir TV.

The State Border Committee of Belarus announced on Saturday that Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter violated the state border during the exercise. Ukraine’s border service later denied the allegations.

Earlier today, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced that called the Ukrainian military attache, to protest against “repeated violations of Belarusian airspace by Ukrainian aircraft”

The migration crisis on Belarus’ border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia has deteriorated dramatically on November 8, when several thousand migrants approached the Polish border and set up camp there. Against the background of this crisis, Ukraine withdrew additional troops to the border with Belarus and organized exercises in the border areas.

Putin assures: There is no migration flow from Russia to Europe

After Moscow was accused of having an interest in the crisis

Relations between Belarus and Ukraine began to deteriorate last year when Russia sided with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during mass street protests, and Lukashenko, in turn, began to support Moscow more strongly against Ukraine.

Russia has been accused by a number of countries of having an interest in fueling the migrant crisis.

According to Moscow, there are no migration flows from Russia to Europe. Russia has blamed Poland and other countries for their treatment of migrants.

Belarus has accused a Ukrainian military helicopter of violating its border

Belarus has accused a Ukrainian military helicopter of violating its border

Against the background of escalating tensions in the region



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