Belarus issued an arrest warrant for Cichanouska

A warrant for a candidate in the last presidential election was issued in Belarus. However, as the TASS agency explains, Sviatlana Cichanouska “has been placed on the wanted list in Belarus and will also be wanted in Russia because the search is interstate”. This means that they concern the Union of Belarus and Russia (ZBiR) – the confederation of both countries established years ago.

The Russian agency RIA Nowosti reports that Cichanouska is facing up to five years in prison. “At home, she is accused under article 361: Calls for Action to Harm National Security.”

Belarusians have been protesting since the elections

The issue of the arrest warrant was announced almost exactly two months after the elections, which, according to official data, he won – gaining 80.1 percent. votes – Alexander Lukashenka. Cichanouska was to get 10.1 percent. endorsement. It was also then that mass protests broke out against the election that was deemed to be rigged.

From the outset, the demonstrators demanded that Lukashenka be removed from power, that fair elections be held, that violence be stopped and that political prisoners are released.

Unexpected inauguration of Lukashenka

Two weeks ago there was an unexpected i Lukashenka’s inauguration kept secret until the last minutewhich sparked further protests. Poland and many other countries responded recalled that they did not recognize him as the president of Belarus.

During Friday conference online Cichanosuka said that Belarusians would no longer be able to return to the state of political apathy they had been stuck in for years.

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