Belarus has doubled the number of flights from the Middle East. Most often they are used by illegal immigrants – the media

Most often, these flights are used by illegal immigrants for further migration to EU countries, the newspaper notes.

Welt am Sonntag, citing data from the German special services, reports that up to 1,000 illegal migrants arrive in Belarus from the Middle East every day.

In addition, Belarus plans to start accepting international flights at five more national airports of the country, in particular in the city of Grodno, bordering Poland.


This year the Baltic states and Poland faced the problem of illegal migration from Belarus.

In Lithuania, they believe that Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself the president of Belarus, deliberately weakened control over the border on his part. The Lithuanian Defense Ministry stated that Belarus instructs illegal immigrants at the border.

On July 13, the Lithuanian Seimas officially recognized the influx of migrants from Belarus as hybrid aggression… except Lithuania, an emergency situation on the border with Belarus was declared in Latvia and Poland.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on September 17 that there are more than 10 thousand migrants from the countries of the Middle East, which can be used to conduct a hybrid attack against Poland and Lithuania.

Due to the influx of migrants on the border with Belarus, the authorities decided to build a fence Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

The Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland Gitanas Nauseda, Egils Levits, Kersti Kaljulaid and Andrzej Duda issued a joint declaration during their meeting in Kiev on 23 August. In a statement migration crisis on the border with Belarus they called it “a politically controlled hybrid operation carried out by the Lukashenka regime” in which “defenseless third-country nationals are exploited.” Its purpose is to “divert attention from the more frequent violations of human and civil rights by the regime“.

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