News Beiruti: Italian stadiums are catastrophic, similar to the third...

Beiruti: Italian stadiums are catastrophic, similar to the third degree in Argentina


Argentine Diego Beiruti, the star of the Italian team, Roma, criticized the floors of various stadiums in the Italian League during the recent period, stressing that it is very bad and is the reason behind the repeated injuries that occur to many players, likening it to being like the third-tier stadiums in Argentina, and said the suite “Giallorossi” The 31-year-old said in statements published by the football team “Italy”, “The stadiums are disastrous. When playing against Milan or Inter, the ground is like the ground of the Argentine Deportivo Moron. I don’t know if it is because of the weather or something else.”

“In Spain we played against Almeria, who were in last place, and the floor was perfect,” Perotti added, explaining, “I have a very bad relationship with injuries, often of a muscular type, they are not serious injuries and recovery is after a month.”

The Argentine player continued his statements, “But when you get one injury after another, you feel tired, and become more and more annoying with the passage of years.” “I am very careful, there is definitely something I can improve, but my lifestyle does not justify all injuries.”

Beiruti scored only 20 appearances with Roma in all competitions this season 2019-2020, as he was absent for long periods due to his injury.

It is noteworthy that Diego Beiruti moved to the Italian ranks in the January 2016 transfers from Genoa and has participated so far in 132 games with “Giallorossi” and scored 30 goals and made 24 others.


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