Being infected with Corona and influenza at the same time makes you vulnerable to death 6 times faster

New research has shown that being infected with the Coronavirus and influenza at the same time may make you six times more likely to die, as the United Kingdom begins to face a second wave of ،Covid-19 The British have been urged to get a flu shot if they are at high risk of catching or spreading this infectious disease..

According to what Mirror reported, the experts said that citizens should not shy away from the flu – which kills about 11,000 people every year in England, as new research has shown the dire consequences of joint infection with influenza and Covid-19.

And the flu vaccination program was expanded this year, so there will be more people eligible for a vaccine than ever before. Up to 30 million people in England, this comes amid fears that it will become NHS Soaked this winter if there is another severe outbreak of Coronavirus around the same time as flu season.

The scientists also warned that the UK could see 50,000 new cases of coronavirus per day by mid-October without new restrictions on social media, and there could be more than 200 deaths per day in November..

We hope that the new influenza vaccine campaign will encourage those eligible to accept their invitation when sent, as a new study shows that during the first peak of the epidemic, people infected with the new coronavirus and influenza were significantly more likely to die, the researchers added..

And while the numbers were small, the risk of dying was roughly six times greater among those with the infection compared to the general population, the risk of dying was also higher compared to contracting Covid-19.

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And researchers PHE By analyzing data from nearly 20,000 people who have been tested for each Covid-19 And influenza between January 20 and April 25, 58 people have been identified as having “co-infection” of the two viruses.

Overall, 43% of people with a co-infection died, compared to 27% of those who tested positive for Covid-19 Alone, she said PHE Those who died “tended” to be older. The flu usually kills about 11,000 people every year in England and many more are hospitalized..

Senior medical officials are recommending that the COVID alert level be raised, as they said that people most vulnerable to the effects of the flu are also at greater risk of contracting Covid-19.

Three top health officials in England have appealed to people eligible for vaccination, and in previous years, flu infection rates were low among some groups..

The medical director said in PHE Professor Yvonne Doyle: “We encourage anyone eligible to accept the flu vaccine this year, especially with the winter we will face..

People still think that the flu is like a cold. It is not. Influenza is a very troublesome condition, there could be 50,000 cases Covid-19 Fresh daily in October without interference.

On the theories of competing viruses, Professor Doyle said that the first peak of the epidemic coincided with the end of the flu season last year, so the full interaction between the two viruses was not fully known yet..

“If you have both, you are in serious trouble. The people most at risk of contracting these infections may be the ones who are least able to tolerate their immune system or their risks,” he added..

Professor Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England added: “We want to introduce the largest flu program possible. And we will have enough vaccine this year for 30 million people in total, and this is clearly very important in a year when we are faced with the potential for the spread of influenza and Covid-19 And maybe sometime this winter together and at the same time

Along with the PHE data, he said, there have been studies in mice that found “bad results” among those with both influenza and Covid-19.

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“There are many reasonable reasons why it is a very bad idea to have Covid-19 and the flu at the same time, and of course this possibility is real this winter,” he added.

When asked about the increasing number of Britons joining the so-called anti-cleansing movement, Professor Van Tam added: Of course I realize that the anti-ethnic cleansing movement is real. But if you look at a survey PHE Annual, the British public actually has exceptionally high confidence in the UK vaccine program and in almost all of its aspects.


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