Beijing urges Washington to approach China, says Chinese Foreign Ministry

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang urged Washington to move towards Beijing. Mr. Qin stated this at a meeting with representatives of American business circles in Beijing. The minister also invited US companies to continue to expand investment in China, promising to continue to provide a better business environment to do so.

China’s attitude towards the development of a healthy, stable and constructive Sino-US relationship has not changed, it has always advocated mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the United States. For the development of healthy Sino-US relations, the United States must go towards each other, ”quotes site Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qin Gang.

“If China-US relations are good, the world will benefit, otherwise the world will suffer,” Mr. Qin also said, expressing hope that the US will stop using unscrupulous means to contain China and work with it to push the two countries’ relations to overcome current difficulties and return to a stable trajectory.

In early March, the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that if the United States does not change the course of its foreign policy, then “conflict and confrontation” between Beijing and Washington is inevitable.

Read about the relations between the two countries in the “Kommersant” selection.

Maria Fedotova

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