Beijing Tsinghua University Students Write “A Set of Equations” on White Paper to Protest! The meaning behind the whole network exposure is amazed | Cross Strait | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Mainland Center / Reported by Xu Yuanxin

▲ Students of Tsinghua University in Beijing protested with a series of equations. (Image/Flip from [email protected])

Recently, a large number of students from Beijing’s Tsinghua University gathered to protest the anger of the COVID-19 restrictions. The rare demonstrations have attracted the attention of the outside world. Many students were shown blank papers and many of them held a “set of equations”, the meaning of which was also explained.

According to photos of the rally circulated on Twitter, three students from Beijing’s Tsinghua University were seen holding a blank sheet of paper with a set of Friedman’s equations printed on it, which confused people. In this regard, Luo Guancong, a former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, explained on Twitter that since the name of the person who invented the program is friedmann, which is similar to freeman (free man), the students have adopted this method to express your requests. Luo Guancong also praised these students who stood up to protest, “This is a creative way of expressing yourself, very wise.”

After the tweet was exposed, it attracted heated discussions from netizens around the world, such as “too powerful”, “so brave”, “very creative”, “can’t even spell the word freedom”, “can’t t express it in your own language “Freedom”, “Well, I think the CCP will ban the equation soon.”

In addition, some netizens pointed out that the Tsinghua students in Beijing used Friedman’s equation to protest the blockade as always, “expressing the fundamental reality of the universe is the immutable, eternal expansion, or in other words, the opening”.

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