Beijing-New York in 1 hour! China is developing a hypersonic aircraft that can reach 10,000 km/h!

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Traveling the 11,000 km separating Beijing from New York in just over an hour’s flight is the crazy project that the Chinese company is considering. Space Transportation (Lingkong Tianxing Technology) by 2030. How? With a hypersonic rocket plane less expensive than a In general, a launcher consists of several stages (trundle or composite rocket).
Each stage has: • one or two tanks (fuel and oxidizer) or…” data-url=”” data-more =”Read more”>launcher of satellite and ten times more fast than traditional airliners. To prove that this isn’t just a concept, the company’s statement was picked up on the Beijing City Economic Development website.

The aircraft in question could both be used for space tourism or travel. Its designer has already tested prototypes of rocket engine since 2019. He has also designed a demonstrator fast business jet.

Hypersonic, the word that worries

The real prototype could carry out its first tests between 2023 and 2025. The first flight with passengers should take place in 2024. Once certified, the device will first be used for space tourism suborbital. The company then bets on the period 2025 and 2030 to develop its hypersonic airliner, of a larger size.

For the moment, apart from artists’ views, the firm has disclosed little information. It must be said that everything surrounding the machines with hypersonic capacity remains in the realm of the sensitive. Ahead of other nations like Russia and the United States, China is carrying out tests of missiles and Invented in 1853 by George Cayley
The glider and the notion of finesse
Heavier than air and without a motor, the device has the characteristic…” data-image=” 38ce95a1e1_50037793_asw20-landung-02.jpg” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>gliders hypersonic for quite a while. Some models would even be operational. A technological advance that worries the United States, as explained Futura few months ago.

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