Behind the Appearance: The Successful Life of Evgeny Sidikhin’s Daughter Polina

How does a girl with such an appearance live and why is she still not married.

The famous actor Yevgeny Sidikhin has three daughters – Polina, Aglaya and Anfisa. But only Polina grew up to be such a father’s daughter that she completely inherited even his appearance. How does a girl with such an unusual appearance live? And does this interfere with her career and personal life?

As life shows, Polina is quite successful for her age, both personally and professionally. She has already starred in a large number of films and is happy in a relationship with a lawyer named Dmitry. It is worth noting that the husband of Polina Sidikhina has an almost model appearance. At the same time, together they look perfectly harmonious.

But there is also a question that many people ask: why did the couple never formalize the relationship? Maybe the handsome man really doesn’t love his chosen one and the mother of his daughter so much? Or is she not good enough for him? According to Polina herself, this is not the case at all. She allegedly does not need a stamp herself, and appearance or love has absolutely nothing to do with it.

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