Before you leave the house, you must put a coin in the freezer. This simple thing can save you

Before we leave home, we usually have a few basic habits. Many of us turn off all appliances and unplug them. Naturally, we close all the windows. But one more trick is used in the USA. Why put a coin in the freezer?

Common precautions

Especially if we go somewhere for the weekend, we try to apply as many measures as possible to protect our home. Pulling the plugs is an absolute staple. Closing the windows is another tip, as this is how we protect ourselves from rain or unwanted visitors entering the premises of our home. We should always close the windows tightly so that a possible gust of wind does not open them.

Yet another trick they use in the US

There is another common trick used in America. When there is a power outage, some household appliances may be damaged or may not function properly. We usually store food in the freezer that is intended for direct consumption, and the time without freezing would degrade it. Sometimes the electricity goes out for a long time and the food defrosts.

Thawed food must never be refrozen. During the time when they were thawed, their deterioration had already occurred. Harmful bacteria multiply in them, which you cannot remove simply by freezing them to minus eight degrees. The goodies that you keep carefully can thus become an unpleasant source of infection.

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Freezer coins

There is one useful trick commonly used in America. Pour water into a glass and put it in the freezer. When it freezes, place a coin on the resulting ice. When you get home, you will easily know how things are. Is the coin in place? Excellent, there was no longer defrosting of your food. Is the coin in the middle of the bowl? You should be careful. The freezer was out of order for some time and the food was exposed to the degradation process.

Before you leave home, put a coin on top of the ice in the glass. Upon arrival, you will be sure that there was no power failure and your food did not spoil.

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