Before paying your next bill, check that it’s not the new electricity and gas scam

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Italians to pay their bills because the price increases are always higher.

Many families are no longer able to pay very expensive bills and there is now talk of energy poverty.


While the Italians ask for the European basic income to have a minimum to go on, the situation of price increases becomes more and more heavy both for families and for companies.

The new scam on electricity and gas

But beyond these terrible blows now there is a very dangerous new scam that is getting many Italians into trouble.


The Italians clearly want it in this period try to save on electricity and gas and try to keep all those behaviors that can avoid raising the bill. This is absolutely natural but it is precisely this need to spare Italians at the center of this new insidious scam. Let’s see how it works. It all starts with a seemingly trivial phone call that the gas light customer receives from an operator. This operator claims to be an official of its electricity and gas manager. So this phone call is theoretically a call from the electricity and gas manager informing the user of the price increases.

Here’s how to avoid the scam

So it seems like an absolutely bureaucratic phone call routine. But at some point, skillfully mixing real news and invented news the telephone operator informs that the government has made it available to citizens the possibility of joining an alleged “protected market” which would allow the bill to drop significantly. Obviously the customer is led to accept this change. But beware: actually this change towards the protected market that the customer is accepting by phone is a scam. In reality, the scam operator who is phoning him does not call on behalf of his electricity and gas operator but of another not very serious operator who thus won a new customer.

The new bills: the thing not to do

From that moment on the new bills and the user will receive will no longer be those of the old operator but of the new operator certainly less serious and more inconvenient. So beware of these phone calls that are literally multiplying in recent weeks. You absolutely must not trust these phone calls more and more frequent who exploit the hope of being able to save families.

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