Before launching, this is a leaked Toyota Innova 50-year edition page all

JAKARTA, – Celebrating 50 years in Indonesia, Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) will launch Innova Kijang a special edition that is only marketed with a limited number of aliases limited edition, that is, 50 units.

The launch will be held today, Friday (9/4/2021) as well as a moment to celebrate 50 years. But before it was officially released, the editorial team already got a little about the grid.

Based on information from a Toyota salesperson, Innova special edition will be available in two options, namely based on 30 units of the 2,000 cc V Luxury AT variant, and the Venturer 2,400 cc AT with only 20 units.

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Regarding the special touch given, it is also quite varied. This is quite reasonable, considering apart from being a differentiator from the version regular, also because the presence of 50 units is truly dedicated as one of the icons of the celebration 50 years Toyota in the Homeland. / Setyo Adi Toyota All New Innova Venturer 2.4 Diesel AT. tests for daily use.

From the outside and inside, the Toyota Kijang Innova Special Edition will use some special additional accessories, namely:

– Additional ornament on the grille in the form of chrome coating for V Luxury and dark chrome for the Venturer.

– Dressing color also bolted exclusively, namely using a screen white pearl complete with gold accents on the side that extends.

– The rims also get a different touch with the new color packaging.

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– 50 -year -old emblem anniversary which is also embedded in the carpet inside.

– The interior is made more premium with Noble Brown & Brownish Wooden Panel color.

– Amplified audio system with speaker JBL output.

Unfortunately, there is no definite information regarding the price range, but it is estimated that there will be an increase with this variety of additions.

“The exact price is not yet, but the estimated increase is around Rp. 14.5 million to Rp. 14.7 million,” said the Toyota salesperson., Thursday (8/4/2021).

Although later it will be more expensive than the regular version which has decreased the impact of PPnBM, but we can be sure that this special edition of the Kijang Innova will still be a contested unit.

Toyota All New Innova Venturer 2.4 Diesel AT. tests for daily / Setyo Adi Toyota All New Innova Venturer 2.4 Diesel AT. tests for daily use.

Previously, PT TAM Marketing Director Anton Jimmi Suwandy said the Kijang Innova Special Edition was launched as a gift for consumers in Indonesia which was designed with a different touch.

“What is certain is that there will be changes from the exterior, interior, and features. We hope this will be interesting, especially in the 50th year, because there will be no more,” Anton said in a virtual discussion with the media, Thursday (8/4 / 2021).

“Officially we will receive orders starting tomorrow, but certainly there are many enthusiasts,” he said.


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