Before its official presentation today .. Details of Ahmed Fathy Al-Kharafi’s contract with Pyramids

Pyramids Club is holding a press conference today to officially introduce Ahmed Fathy, the player of the first football team, after contracting with him during the current summer transfer period.

Ahmed Fathy has officially signed his transfer contracts to Pyramids for the next 3 seasons, and in one season he will receive an amount of no less than 15 million pounds.

The press conference will be held at 4 pm today, Monday, in the conference hall of the Air Defense Stadium, in the presence of Engineer Mamdouh Eid, CEO of Pyramids Club, Hani Saeed, Sports Director, Amr Bassiouni, Director of Contracting, and the newly joined big star of the club.

Ahmed Fathy, a former Al-Ahly player, bid farewell to the club and its fans with a message after leaving the Red Castle and moving to the Pyramids Club, and posting several photos of him on Instagram.

Fathi wrote: “Moments when it is difficult to speak, moments when it is difficult to express, especially when you are addressing parties that are all dear to you and have a special place in your heart.”

And he continued: “I also lived with them the best 12 years in my life, 12 years all of which were victories, heroics and joys, and I want to say if the written professional contracts end, the contracts of love, friendship and respect between me and the entire Al-Ahly club system will not end, excuse me for harsh moments.”

And he added: “And what cruelty and you leave your loved ones, who spent years with them in the Al-Ahly club, my home, and he will prefer my house, even if fate wrote me a new step, and the fans of Al-Ahly who loved me and helped me and stood beside me, will prefer my support, because it is a loyal audience, an authentic audience.”

And he continued: “Our Lord bears witness that I did not shorten the moment, neither the right of the club nor the right of its fans, and I did my best until the last moment, and I hope that I have presented even a part of what Al-Ahly and its fans deserve.”

He said: “In this difficult moment for myself, I want to record my thanks to the Al-Ahly club and its management, headed by the respectable Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and all thanks to the fans who no matter what I spoke, I will not give them their rights. Thank you to all the coaches who helped me from the first day until the last moment, and thanks to all my beloved colleagues What I have played with them throughout all generations, thank you to my sisters, doctors, and their assistants, rehabilitators and masseurs, thank you to the administrators and workers, thank you to everyone who helped me even if anything.

Fathi concluded, “I do not want anyone to be upset with me .. in the first and the other, these are steps written by our Lord Almighty … and I depend on God in all my steps … and always, Al-Ahly and his fans will remain in my heart.”


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