Before Death Hanging, Mother in Cipatat Allegedly Killed the Lives of Two Children

BANDUNG BARAT, – Residents of Kampung Margamulya RT 01/02, Cipatat Village, Cipatat District, West Bandung Regency shocked by the incident of a family consisting of a mother and two children toddler was killed at his house, Wednesday (7/4/2021). The victim’s mother allegedly committed suicide after killing her two young children.

This incident was discovered after the husband and father of the victim returned home from work. The father was shocked when he found his wife and two children dead.

Kapolsek Cipatat, Kompol Yana Supyana, said the three victims were strongly suspected of having committed suicide. The victim was found at around 16.08 WIB by the victim’s husband or father.

“The three victims, namely, Dina Rosdiana Yulianti (31), Yumna Tamimatujinan (4) and Abqori Abrurahman Burhan (2.5),” said Cipatat police chief Yana Supyana in a written statement, Wednesday (7/4/2021) night.

Editor: And Warsudi


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