Bed & Breakfast viewers fall over exorbitant prices

Aad and Jolanda run their B&B near the Maas, in Well. It is a colorful collection of hikers’ cabins and luxurious rooms. In addition to the garden house, there is also a gypsy wagon, and there are two luxurious rooms in the house. Aad and Jolanda have a total of five daughters, two of which together. When the first one leaves home, a room becomes available and the idea for a B&B arises. “It was actually quite a coincidence, but I think it was the most valuable step in my life”, Jolanda looks back. It is certainly valuable, because one of the rooms is good for 120 euros per night.

In Venlo, John runs his B&B – his long-cherished wish – with the help of his daughter Maaike. What he likes is that he is constantly busy with people, who are usually having fun because they are on vacation. John does as much as possible himself, even though he can’t do the same thing as he used to because of his Parkinson’s. “I think my father is the living example that even if you have that diagnosis, you don’t have to sit behind the geraniums, but you can work hard. That it doesn’t get in the way.”

The building dates from 1901 and has a stately appearance that immediately impresses the other participants – especially when they spot the swimming pool. Words like ‘breathtaking’, ‘incredible’, ‘cool’ and ‘wow’ are mentioned. Although the B&B has a luxurious appearance, Nicole still lacks that ‘knetty’ that makes the difference. She also has some criticisms of the breakfast, which she found rather ‘sparse’. To prevent food waste, the guests had to tick what they want, and they don’t get more than that.

Near Maastricht, across the border in Belgium, Nicole and Ron run their B&B. The couple has been together for 36 years and is quite enterprising. Nicole works full-time as a sales manager and Ron runs a gym in Maastricht. After their 50th birthday, they think of something more and start a bed and breakfast in an originally chicken farm. A very luxurious chicken library, because the prices are worth it.

Although the participants duly paid the amounts – even extra, many viewers on Twitter still think they are crazy. ‘139 euros. I’ll be traveling for a while then,” it sounds on Twitter. And many viewers agree:

Watch the latest episode of the season of Bed & Breakfast here back.

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