Becoming the Indonesian National Team’s Savior at IESF 2022, Saykots Heaps Praise from Rekt and Antimage – If his appearance in season 10 of MPL has attracted various criticisms, Saykots she really shines when she appears in uniform Indonesian national team in the IESF 2022 event. Saykots’ brilliant performance then earned various compliments from other professional players.

The praise for Saykots’ brilliant performance, which was the key to Indonesia national team victory at IESF 2022, came from two former professional players and frontmen of EVOS Legends, rect And Antiimage.

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Via YouTube live stream, Rekt compared the performance of Saykots, who was using Yu Zhong at the time, with two top-level EXP lane players in the pro scene. Mobile legends namely R7 and Antiimage.

Saykots class! Flank is already like Antimage and teamwork is like R7. Saykots is great“said Rekt while praising the White Tiger’s new EXP laner.

In Saykots first debut for the Indonesian national team when they met the Philippines national team, this EXP lane player managed to turn things around with the Yu Zhong he used. As a result, the Indonesian national team successfully won its victory points.

Empeshow with Jonathan Liandi, Rekt, Antimage and KB. (youtube/Jonathan Liandi)

Agreeing with Rekt, Antimage also praised Saykots good performance using Yu Zhong. No kidding, Antimage has therefore named Saykots as the number one offlaner in Indonesia at the moment.

Saykots is using his hero power again, Yu Zhong. Horrified Sayktos, the combination of R7 and Antimage became the number one offlaner of the Indonesian national team” said Antimage with praise.

Saykots look while wearing Indonesian national team kit at IESF 2022 is indeed very different from his debut in MPL season 10 ago. At that time, Saykots received various criticisms due to the mistakes made in the war team.

The Mobile Legends division of the Indonesian national team performed well at the IESF 2022. Saykots and co even managed to secure the top-end position after forcing the Philippines national team down to the low-end.

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