Become a star of the Indonesian national team, Arhan Pratama kissed by many women – After becoming a star Indonesian National team, Pratama Arhan admitted to being kissed by many women.

Many of the women referred to here are pregnant women, who reportedly crave to be able to kiss Primary Arhan.

As previously known, Pratama Arhan has succeeded in attracting public attention when appearing to defend the Indonesian national team in Indonesia AFF Cup 2020 on 5 December 2021-1 January 2022 last.

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The PSIS Semarang left back contributed to bringing the Indonesian national team to finish in second place in the 2020 AFF Cup.

Pratama Arhan received the title of man of the match against Malaysia in the final Group B.

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In fact, the 20-year-old player was named the best young player in the 2020 AFF Cup.

This is what makes his popularity increased drastically and idolized both men and women.

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However, in a video uploaded on the PSSI Youtube channel on Saturday (22/1), Arhan admitted that not much has changed in his life and is still actively practicing to hone his skills.

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