Bechi Sympathizer Suspect of Sexual Abuse of Santriwati in Jombang Comes from Out of City

Thursday, 07 July 2022 – 23:06 WIB

Hundreds of police deployed by the East Java Police and the Jombang Police are looking for the suspect in the sexual abuse of female students, Mas Bechi. Police illustration photo. Ricardo/, JOMBANG – The Joint Team of the East Java Police and the Jombang Police arrested hundreds of sympathizers of Mochamad Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Mas Bechi (42), a suspect in the sexual abuse of female students.

Suspect sympathizer Bechi not only from among the santri at the Shiddiqiyyah Ploso Islamic Boarding School, but also from various cities in the country.

This was revealed by the Head of Public Relations of the East Java Police, Kombes Dirmanto, who was involved in monitoring the search for Bechi, the son of Kiai Muchtar Mu’thi, the caretaker of the Shiddiqiyyah Ploso Islamic Boarding School, Losari Village, Ploso, Jombang.

According to Kombes DirmantoSo far, the police have questioned about 320 people who were brought to the Jombang Police Station. Of that number, 20 of them are students.

“There are a lot of sympathizers inside (the boarding school). We have secured them to the Jombang Police, there are 320 people,” he said in Jombang, Thursday.

“Many are from outside the city, some are from Malang, Banyuwangi, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Lampung,” continued Kombes Dirmanto.

He ensured that the police would not hesitate to process the law for those found to have obstructed the officers.

The police have even arrested DD, who had obstructed the process of arresting MSAT alias Bechi.

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