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Because of this, users promise to be loyal to use LG cellphones forever! – All Pages

Daewong KIm/Reuters

Ryu calls himself a ‘LG cellphone maniac’.

HAI-Online.com – A guy from South Korea refers to himself as a ‘cellphone maniac LG‘and said that he wouldn’t stop using the brand.

In fact, recently the electronics manufacturer announced that it would stop making it smartphone due to falling sales smartphone them in the last few years.

Launch Reuters, Ryu (53) who has collected nearly 90 devices for 23 years, said he started using cellphones LG because of its creative design and function.

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But according to him, what made him fall in love with LG’s mobile phone was the audio quality.

“I use all LG cellphones because of the audio,” he said.

At his home in Anyang, south of Seoul, Ryu has a special room that he dedicates to making LG devices, complete with parts and tools to repair them.

LG, which has been producing mobile devices for about a quarter of a century, finally has to admit the advantages of Apple and Samsung.

Its smartphone division recorded nearly six years of losses, totaling around $ 4.5 billion by the end of 2020.

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“I think they are in a rush to catch up (Samsung), sacrifice quality … (and) to cover up the problem, the company is too focused on other design and functions,” said Ryu.

Even so, Ryu is very confident to keep using the LG cellphone as long as possible. He reasoned that current LG cellphone spare parts can be easily obtained online.

“It’s easy to change parts if you practice a little. I’m not sure if someday they will run out of stock, but I will keep using the LG cellphone as long as the parts are still available, “he said.

“The Samsung cellphone is like a smart friend and the Apple cellphone is like a girlfriend to me. Well, the LG cellphone is like a friend who is a place to share the joys and sorrows of life. Sad to see the friend leave. It’s very sad, “closed Ryu.

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