Because of the Rp. 10 million contract, Ace Hardware got PKPU

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the last week, the market news has been busy with reports from the household appliance retailer, PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk (ACE). The company was sued by the attorney office of Wibowo and Partners with the status of Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU), because of a cooperation contract case worth Rp 10 million per month.

This lawsuit was filed on Tuesday (6/10/2020) with case number 329 / Pdt.Sus-PKPU / 2020 / PN Niaga Jkt.Pst. Based on the Case Tracking Information System (SIPP) quoted on Wednesday (7/10/2020). The Petitioner, in this case Wibowo Partners, asked the court to accept and grant the PKPU petition submitted by the Petitioner in its entirety. Respondent is Ace Hardware.

The Legal Power of the Applicant is delegated to Fajar Ardianto SH MH with the classification of PKPU matters and the status of matters indicating the jurusita. The petitum of the lawsuit contains:

  • Accept and grant PKPU submitted by the Applicant for the whole.
  • Determining the Provisional PKPU against Respondent PKPU Ace Hardware Indonesia, for a maximum of 45 days from the time the a quo decision was pronounced.
  • To determine by appointing a Supervisory Judge from a Commercial Court Judge at the Central Jakarta District Court to supervise the PKPU process of the PKPU Respondent.
  • Appointing and lifting Dr. Brother. Turman M. Panggabean, SH, MH, Management registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, in accordance with the Proof of Extension of Registration of Curators and Administrators number AHU-294 AH.04.03-2020 dated August 4, 2020. The person concerned is located at the Office of the Curator and Management Bankruptcy Turman M. Panggabean, SH, MH, Ruko Cempaka Mas Blok B No. 24, Jl. Lieutenant General Suprapto, Central Jakarta 10640 acts as the Management in order to manage the assets of the PKPU Respondent in the event that the PKPU Respondent is declared to be in the Temporary PKPU and / or appointed as Curator in the event that the PKPU Respondent is declared bankrupt.
  • Punish Appeal to obey the verdict of this matter.
  • Order the Respondent to pay all costs incurred in this Application.

“I represent Petitioner Wibowo and Partners, with Respondent Ace Hardware. The background itself is among our clients [Wibowo] there is a legal service agreement. The retainer system, according to our client, is that there are bills due and not yet paid related to the legal service agreement, “Fajar told CNBC Indonesia.

“The details are waiting for the first trial, the PN has been registered again. Wait until the first trial, the Central Jakarta District Court is closed until the 16th,” he said.



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