Because of the major shareholder Vekselberg: Sulzer is closing both branches in Poland

The decision follows Monday’s announcement that the activities of the two subsidiaries would have to be suspended due to orders from the Polish government. Sulzer wants to appeal the decision.

Sulzer is “firmly convinced that the sanctions against the two companies in Poland are unfounded,” as the company announced on Thursday. Therefore, “any legal means” should be used to contest the decision.

The Swiss company employed 192 people in the two branches and achieved annual sales of a good CHF 21 million or 0.6 percent of total sales in 2021. The financial effects of the closures are therefore limited, it was said on Monday.

Sulzer further confirms that the company has not been subject to any sanctions in any other country and that Sulzer is not affected by any other sanctions.

According to Sulzer, the Polish sanctions affect the main shareholder Viktor Vekselberg, but have been extended to the Polish Sulzer companies. Sulzer points out that Vekselberg does not exercise any control or ownership rights over Sulzer companies and that all its economic rights to Sulzer are revoked.


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