Because of citizen money: Thuringian officials should again receive more money

All civil servants receive higher salaries

According to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, salary must also be increased as basic security increases. Accordingly, a civil servant in the lowest salary group must receive 15 percent more than a recipient of citizen benefits.

As a result of another ruling by the highest German constitutional court, however, all other Thuringian civil servants also received a higher salary due to the distance requirement, the Ministry of Finance confirmed at the request of MDR THÜRINGEN.

And according to the Constitutional Court, the cost of living must also be taken into account. This year there will be an additional between 1,000 euros for one person and 3,000 euros for a family of four, explained Thuringia’s Finance Minister Heike Taubert (SPD) when the draft law was presented.

After the law has been passed in the next few weeks, the regulation should apply retrospectively from the beginning of the year. At this point in time, citizen income had also started.

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