Because he said “China virus” – Trump sued for almost $ 23 million – foreign policy

Donald Trump (74) could still cost dearly to call the coronavirus the “China Virus”.

The organization “Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition” (CACRC) is suing the former president of the United States for a whopping 22.9 million US dollars.

The CACRC is loud “TMZ“Pissed off because Trump continually spoke of the” China virus “,” Wuhan virus “and the” Kung Flu “(” Flu “means” flu “in German) when he referred to the corona virus. SARS-CoV-2, as the virus is called in medical terms, first broke out on a large scale in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

In March 2020, Trump had crossed out the words “Corona Virus” in the text of one of his speeches and replaced it with “Chinese Virus”. CACRC is of the opinion that the ex-president should not have used these words because it is not clear where the virus originally came from.

According to the organization, Trump’s statements were offensive to Americans of Chinese descent.

The CACRC is suing Trump for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to “TMZ”. The sum of 22.9 million US dollars is made up of the fact that the organization demands one dollar per “Asian American and Pacific Islander” (Americans of Asian descent and people of the Pacific Islands).

The group wants to use the money to build a museum in the event of a victory in court.

The lawsuit is currently not Donald Trump’s only concern: In New York, Manhattan prosecutors have started investigating the former US president. Two lawyers have been assigned to deal with a criminal investigation into his business.



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