Bebi Philip regrets DJ Arafat, waiting for China’s reaction

Bebi Philip et DJ Arafat

Returning to the discord which opposed him to the late DJ Arafat for several years, the Ivorian arranger-singer of the coupé-shifted Bebi Philip regrets this dark episode and makes revelations.

While he was invited, this Saturday, July 25, to the program “Accusé levez-vous”, the talented Ivorian arranger-singer Bebi Philip returned to the quarrel between him and the late musician Ange Didier Houon alias DJ Arafat, recalled to God on August 12, 2019, following a motorcycle accident.

After helping to make the song “ Kpangor ” by DJ Arafat and Debordo Likunfa a true masterpiece, in 2009, Bebi Philip decided to no longer work the songs of the father of the Chinese, named after the king’s fans. cut-shifted. A page that would have been turned before the death of Carmen Sama’s husband.

“It must be said that at the time, we were young. In youth, everyone wants to show that they are on top. To tell the truth, it was about a computer story that Arafat had sold to me. He came to ask me for the computer again to sell it to other people. After that he went to say on Rti Music that it is Bebi Philip who is dishonest, ”recalls the expert arranger.

For Bebi Philip, “it’s something that I didn’t accept. Me, I am a very shy person, and it is as if he was delivering me to popular revenge. And it was very difficult for me to accept that. It must also be said that before, I was very resentful, so that’s what made us no longer work together ”.

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Bebi Philip, who specifies that it was not a woman’s affair that was at the origin of the quarrel between him and DJ Arafat, as was announced at the time, reveals that “since about three years ago, we started to hang out again… ”. Like what, his relations with DJ Arafat had normalized before the fatal accident of August 12, 2019.

For sure, the Chinese, fans of DJ Arafat will not fail to comment on this release of Bebi philip and speak their part of the truth.

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