Beauty pageant riot: crown torn from head of Sri Lankan beauty at lightning speed | Abroad

The current Miss World played a prominent role in the Sri Lankan top event. Shortly after the announcement, she stepped onto the podium and snatched the crown from the winner’s head, causing an unprecedented riot in the world of the Masses. Jurie proclaimed the number two the winner on his own initiative.

In the chaotic hours after the failed beauty pageant would Pushpika de Silva have stated that she is not officially divorced, but lives ‘only’ separated from her husband. This is a very sensitive issue in religious Sri Lanka. She also claims that she had to go to hospital with a head injury. Pushpika reportedly filed a complaint against the reigning Miss World. To complete the soap, there would also have been fights behind the scenes.

The organization came in after the incident – which happened in front of many dignitaries – with a statement. The beauty pageant rejects Jurie’s action and announces that Pushpika will still be crowned the winner.

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