[Beautiful mom is bitter]Ye Cuicui was injured at home and sighed and said it was hard to say: I will do everything for my family-Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-Parent-Child-Education

[Beautiful mom is bitter]Ye Cuicui was injured at home and sighed and said it was hard to say: I will do everything for my family-Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-Parent-Child-Education

The 2005 Hong Kong sister champion Ye Cuicui was injured at home! Beautiful mother Ye Cuicui and architect Zhou Xiaodong (Raymond) married in 2015. The couple are very affectionate and have three sons. And Cuicui, who has successfully turned into a KOL, is said to earn nearly one million yuan a month.

The beautiful mother Ye Cuicui bought a nearly 3,000-foot independent house on the Redhill Peninsula for 69 million yuan in 2019. The three-storey mansion has a private garden. The home is turned into an “amusement park” and a giant inflatable swimming pool is set up on the garden terrace. Children can have fun while staying at home, and they can be called a 24 filial mother.

As a super-popular KOL, Cui Cui also shares her happy family life on social platforms from time to time.

[Frozen age beautiful mother]3 child mother Ye Cuicui recommends Ladies Aphrodisiac Tea to improve edema and menstrual disorders to keep her face radiant

Cui Cui rarely let go

However, on March 1, the beautiful mother Cui Cui suddenly spit on her personal social platform and seemed to imply that negative emotions are related to family life.

She posted a photo of Jake and Triton, and wrote, “I’ve been disappointed for a few days…so disappointed…it’s terrible to feel disappointed…I really did my best for this family. There is no reservation. Every time I think of two boys, he really tied me, my favorite is my mother mi, and I have to pay for it. I have been with him for a few days, and I will see him as soon as he wakes up. I’m so happy to be so happy that I have to face to face with me immediately.”

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As soon as the post came out, people were worried about whether she was in a marriage and sex crisis. Many netizens left messages for concern and comfort, but Cui Cui was always reluctant to reveal the reason for her unhappiness, only saying that “a word is hard to explain.”

In addition, someone left a message asking why there was no mention of Xizi. She explained: “The third one is an old fan. I didn’t know the tin me, and the other two.”

▲ Ye Cuicui was injured while playing with her son. (Taken from Ye Cuicui’s facebook)

Injured playing with the child

Fortunately, after a while, she seemed to be in a calm mood. Yesterday (March 3) uploaded a video of her cat taking a bath on a social platform. She also wrote: “When talking, I have never seen the princess take a shower. Yesterday. In the evening, she seems to be in a good mood, and she rushes back to a pretty cool first.”

Last night, Ye Cuicui uploaded another photo of an injury above her eyebrows. Fortunately, it was only a minor skin injury. She wrote: “Playing with the same boy, I hit myself and bleed.” From the photo, it was only a minor injury. Besides, when she played with her son, she believed that there should be no major problems in family life, which reassure the public.

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