Beautiful Match, Here are 10 Tips to Distinguish Lady Boy and Native Woman in Thailand, Tangmo’s Birthplace

GORONTALO TERRACE – Thailand is still a hot topic until April 2022 after the death of a beautiful artist Tangmo Nida.

Tangmo Nida was found dead after reportedly falling from a speedboat on the Chao Phraya river on February 24, 2022.

The corpse Tangmo Nida was later found floating two days later, or to be precise on February 26, 2022.

The eyes of the world then turned to Thailandafter the uncensored corpse Tangmo Nida in a pathetic condition circulated widely on social media.

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As for the exact cause of death Tangmo Until now, it is still somewhat mysterious and is still being investigated by the police in Indonesia Thailand.

A number of close people Tangmo also condolences to one of them Lady Boy prettiest in Thailand that is Nong Poy.

“Brother Mo (close nickname Tangmo Nida) REST I LOVE YOU,” wrote Nong Poy via his Instagram account @poydtreechada.


Nong Poy

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