Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro ended up in a convent after being rejected for her daring scenes

At gold cinema there were many stars that shone for her beauty and talent, as is the case with this actresswho after gaining popularity alongside figures like Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, ended up in a convent after being rejected for their daring scenes.

Amanda del Llano Serrano was born in Chiapas on June 20, 1920. His father, Manuel del Llano de Renovales, was originally from Seville, Spain, and his mother, Consuelo Serrano Toledo, was from Chiapas. In addition to being an actress, she was also an outstanding singer who performed songs with other artists such as Jorge Negrete and Luis Aguilar.

The beautiful actress He made more than forty films and won the Ariel Award for best female co-acting for the film “The Rebellion of the Hanged”. In addition, she acted in films such as “There are dead people who don’t make noise” with Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, “La casa colorada” with Pedro Armendáriz; and “The Black Sheep” and “You will not desire your son’s wife” with Fernando Soler and Pedro Infante.

In 1953, Amanda She was part of the cast of “Pepe el Toro” and “Reportaje” where she showed her talent as an actress, since of all the actors she was the only one nominated for her role. She was married to the actor born in Costa Rica, Crox Alvarado, with whom she worked in several films, and who she highlighted as a leading man of the time.

Amanda ended up in a convent for her daring scenes

In the mid-1950s the film industry began to see a decline, which led producers to try new ideas, many decided to show artistic nudity, and it was Amanda del Llano one of the actresses who agreed to do the daring scenes.

Due to the few calls she had, the Chiapas woman agreed to make the film “Los Amantes” in 1956, where she appeared natural, but the public of that time did not receive her performance well, which led her to be rejected for future projects.

Amanda del Llano filmed alongside important figures such as Jorge Negrete. Photo: Special/INAH

Seeing that her acting career had been affected in Mexico, and after her divorce, Amanda traveled to Spain, where he looked for opportunities as a singer, although it is also said that the beautiful actress secluded herself in a convent in that country, with the intention of reflecting on her career and the scenes that had led her to rejection.

He returned to Mexico in the early 1960s and had brief appearances in “Los Hermanos Del Hierro” (1961), “How much is your son worth” (1962), “Tiburoneros” (1963) and “Here is your lover” (1963). Unfortunately, Amanda del Llano died at the age of 44, on June 23, 1964, days before she had undergone three surgeries for intestinal problems.


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