Beau van Erven Dorens makes a statement with chest hair photo

The beard is neatly maintained every time, but you don’t get rid of Beau’s chest hair. With his Instagram post, he pays tribute to the hair on the man’s chest, but especially his own. He does this with the following witty text.

“Here’s a message from the Chest Hair Liberation Front. (With the risk of getting canceled by the wax-in-wax out purists, of course.) We say chest hair matters. (At the risk of appropriating ‘matter’, a loaded term reserved for really important matter.) We at the BLF are of the free chest hair and freedom in general. (With the risk that, with this universal desire for freedom, I will not reject myself against people with ideas that may or may not be abject, but that I will join me on their side.) Read the whole message in the post below.

Beau’s followers can laugh at the brilliant action. If you read between the lines, you will see that Beau tries to encourage everyone to wear their mouth masks faithfully, as Mark Rutte asked the whole of the Netherlands earlier this week.

Beau: ‘And we are a bit family in the Netherlands, all together. But if someone doesn’t put on a mouth mask, then we don’t strangle him, we don’t call him a baker, no: we smile at him kindly from behind our mouth mask. ‘

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